Barcelona re-sign Dembele

Dembele is about to sign a new contract with Barcelona. The farce of contract renewal that has lasted for more than a year finally ended in this way, which is really surprising. Since it was re-signed after the contract expired, Dembele’s identity is naturally different from the player who renewed the contract during the contract period. Sure enough, the Spanish media said that Barcelona will meet Dembele in accordance with the specifications of the new aid.

Dembele will once again debut as a new Barcelona player. Barca will re-introduce Dembele, then sign the contract, take pictures, and finally don his shorts. All this will be under the watchful eye of President Laporta. This series of processes is very similar to the process of Barcelona’s previous introduction of new aid. The only difference is that Dembele will not appear in front of the regular media to hold a press conference, he will only appear in front of the media and explain his contract renewal turmoil.

Seeing such news, everything else can be ignored. The focus of Barcelona fans is on the ball. If everything goes according to the process of introducing the new aid, then after putting on the shorts and entering the court, there will be a jumble of the ball. Speaking of the ball, it really accompanied Dembele for 5 years.

We know that after joining Barcelona from Dortmund in the summer window of 2017, Dembele performed very well in the ball game. Those high-profile superstars who joined Barcelona before, they played the ball one by one, and they felt like they were glued to their feet, very freehand and natural. Not long ago, the “black and hard” midfielder Casey’s ball was also smooth and natural.

Dembele, on the other hand, was full of embarrassment, blunt actions, and an unconfident expression. He fell to the ground after a few strokes. He wanted to play tricks and even failed to hit the ball. This has nothing to do with his worth of hundreds of millions of euros. Especially when the media exposed, when Barcelona chose the former between Dembele and Mbappe, the intensity and frequency of the ridicule increased accordingly. Even in the introduction of Dembele’s technical characteristics, the item “not good at hitting the ball when appearing” appeared!

Due to the delay in the contract renewal negotiations with Barcelona, ​​everyone thought that Dembele’s Camp Nou career was over. If he leaves Barcelona like this, Dembele will definitely play the ball when he arrives at the new team. But for Dembele and the fans, the regret of the last time will never be made up.

For Dembele, this re-signing means a fresh start. The last time he came with the halo of a transfer fee of 145 million, this time he returned to the team as a free agent. I hope he can calm down and use his performance to clear up all doubts.

What do you think of Barcelona’s re-signing of Dembele, please leave a message below!

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